Virtual Tour Gallery

Overview of features

Walking mode

Panorama mode

Exterior mode

Captate 3D Tour Exterior Mode

Info mode


Captate 3D Tour Info Spot
Captate 3D Tour Actual View

“Actual view” (via drone photo)

CRM form embed

We directly embed your CRM form without access to your data

Captate 3D Tour CRM Form Intergration

Other features

Web Data Collection and Analysis

Web Data Collection and Analysis

Intelligent business decisions use data analysis. The Captate Tour is online and designed to engage users – digital marketing and business intelligence teams can better monitor online user activity: steps buyers take (“events”) and user trends. This provides very important information for the sales team and for business decisions on future projects. The Captate Tour integrates via single API with all CRMs, MAPs and BI software.
Sharing Spread the Word with Ease

Sharing: Spread the Word with Ease!

All digital marketers know the importance of “sharing”. People want the opinions of friends, family, and colleagues, and we make this easy with instant share-ability. Sharing can be via: email, Whatsapp and social media like facebook, twitter, etc. As sharing is just a link – no app or file download needed – it’s fast and “seamless”.
User Interface

Practical User Interface and Buyer Experience

“Could my Mom or Dad understand this?” – We spent a lot of time and effort planning the User experience and designing the User Interface, with a focus on simplicity. Although we have found that younger users (in particular, people who have played some video games) easily navigate the tour, we put special emphasis on accommodating users new or unaccustomed to this 3D technology. It is important that your real estate lead generation campaign dollars are not wasted, nor your brand tarnished.
Accessible Online

Web-Hosting via the Cloud

It is not easy for real estate leads to get a visually rich and interactive experience onto their mobile phone, laptop or VR standalone headset without having to download an app or software. The Captate Tour is seamlessly viewable through all browsers like Chrome or Safari, etc. on any device (user is directed to a special light version for viewing on mobile phone – click this link when on mobile phone). The tours are specially rendered for an optimized user experience.
Bespoke Features

Bespoke Interactive Features

We can help you to explore and implement specially developed features. We can design features where users can interact directly with the model in real-time. We can implement an interface for users to change the fixtures and features, watch videos, give recommendations or direct feedback, and also the option for developers to partner with e-commerce platforms so users can instantly buy furniture or appliances. This interaction is done without the user leaving the tour.
Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Hubspot states that all online content should “convert your readers from “unknown visitors” to quantifiable leads…leads that can become your customers”. We get that, we put the “digital” in digital marketing. Get in touch to find out how the Captate Tour can be integrated into a multi-channel or omnichannel buyer experience…