Virtual Tours For Shell Office Spaces


Brokers trying to let shell office spaces* are feeling a lot of pain. In this post we seek to address many queries we received as to how Captate can help such CRE brokers.

Before we get started, let’s get something straight: online virtual tours are for digital marketing of spaces, they are not going to “sell” your property for you…

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Online Virtual Tour of Offices - before Captate 3D Virtual tour - new way
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Let’s break it down, FAQ style:

Q – Will people look at a virtual tour and rent the space?  Probably not.

Q – Will people look at a virtual tour and make a better informed decision as to whether they should view it or not?  Yes

Q – Does having a “staged” virtual tour, where prospective tenants can see how the space could be used, increase the chance of a “viewing”?  If done right, yes!

Here are the main addressable problems that CRE brokers of shell offices:

  1. A physical “tour” of multiple properties is inefficient and costly
  2. Prospective tenants don’t understand how a space can be used and adapted
  3. Brokers don’t have data on a prospect’s interaction of shell space photos

And Captate’s solutions:

  1. An online virtual enables less, more focused visits. The Captate Tour is a low-cost collusion that saves brokers time & shortens the deal cycle.
  2. Captate can work off 2D plans, CAD or BIM to create a “staged” virtual tour of what they property “could look like” – the aim is to increase viewings (or not) of a property
  3. Each broker has a dashboard with all their properties with analytics on the behaviour of each prospect. Brokers can see in real time who is and is not engaging with a property.

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*For brevity, in the phrase “shell offices spaces” we include the following: warm shell or cold shell spaces, 2nd Generation & Spec Suites

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