How to use a 3d animation video to present the potential of your development property online and in person.

The online property sales environment is getting more competitive each day. You need to use the latest technology and trends to push you ahead of the competition. The use of 3D visualisation videos captivates audiences in an immersive and practical way.

Walkthrough videos are especially relevant when working with unfinished properties and vacant land. With a 3D video, you can show prospects an animated 3D visualization of an amazing property and point out why it will be such a great investment to prospective buyers.


Close deals quicker

Easily summarize the value proposition of the project in a short video.

Pitching investors, either online, or in-person, is one of the most crucial skills required by a real estate developer. Proposals are absolutely essential to your success, as they have the power to bring in new customers and projects that can take your brand and property valuations to new heights.

Your success in business always depends on having a solid network and client base, but sometimes, old customers may not bring in business as usual. That is why being able to present high-quality and persuasive proposals on a regular basis to multiple perspectives is the key to always keeping your deal flow moving.

The strength of a solid proposal also depends on how your proposal looks and how to present it, both online and offline. A professional 3D animation video gets straight to the point, summarizes the value proposition in 60 seconds, and is a crucial part in closing deals quicker.

Reach a wider audience

A 3D arquitetural video is a very good solution for Marketing, to bring in new and hitherto unknown buyers. When a project is shared online, via social media, such Facebook or Instagram, for example, but it can also be shared via SMS or Whatsapp amongst a personal network. It is possible to have digital access to your development without having to meet people.

A wider baser of prospects are easily informed and immersed in the project. Their immersion in the story is profound and it allows them, in turn, to easily share it with their own friends, business partners and family who may also be interested in the deal, with minimal explanation required.

Using videos instead of 3d render images is thus a more frictionless experience. The 3d animation video across the easily widens the net of who may or may not be a potential buyer.

More Confident buyers

An architectural or interior 3d rendered image can be fully visible in the mind of the architect or the business owner. But for customers, this visualization is often not so clear. Most lay people have a hard time understanding a floorplan or having a broader view of the project through static images. In fact, it is difficult to make an architectural project tangible, and 3d render videos offer a great solution to this.

Videos look professional and modern, giving confidence to potential buyers in the professionalism of the brand, and also in the development project itself. The architectural videos can sway an undecided buyer, as the videos allow them to better understand the project. Using 3d videos to show the development makes a big difference, especially for larger projects. It is greater security for the buyer, as they can easily understand the value proposition quickly and effectively.

3D walkthrough videos allow the clients to see every detail of the project. It is much easier to visualize the application of materials and the composition of the environments. Even as a professional, it is easier to visualize this way.


Regardless of the size of your project or the stage it is in, walkthrough 3D video will help you in this process assertively, giving you a great return on a significantly low. Whether to start it professionally, to reach a large audience or to close a deal quickly, a video 3D animation will contribute with great results.

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