“Great job guys"

Client: Brent
Director of Puraplus

3D animation video for Investors

3D Video Animation for Puraplus – Industrial Real Estate Project


Puraplus had a small facility for Cultivation of Marijuana in Arizona. To expand their premises, they needed the assistance of a wider group of investors. Part of this process required that potential investors would visit the current facility, to understand how their money would be used, and eventually invest in their project.


The video provided by Captate was used by the Puraplus team as an initial presentation to potential investors. Because of the video, many investors could understand the value proposition of the project. Many subsequently got on planes on planes, and eventually invested in the new project.


Puraplus sent Captate some audio messages, reference buildings and architect plans (CAD and 2D plans) describing how they wanted the video to look like. Captate produced an animated 3D video using 3D animation, video editing software and after effects for motion graphics (such as the test that appears in the video).


The 3D animation video produced by Captate increased both the number of potential investors visiting the facility, and the final investors in the project.