How to use 3d architectural walkthrough videos at different stages of the property development process

This article explores how 3D animated videoslet you promote your new property development project. A 3d walkthrough company can help you with your presentations with an animated architectural visualization of a real estate project’s design. Your project becomes accessible to potential investors and customers in a practical and dynamic way. 

A short video immerses the viewer in the project and understands its potential better in 1 or 2 minutes, something 3D render images cannot transmit. In addition to being original and engaging, a 3D video also provides credibility to your project. It is a way to show that your project is “real” ; and to make people excited about it, be it residential, mixed-use commercial, hospitality, or industrial property etc. 

There are different stages where a video can help during the development cycle. This article will discuss some of the ways that an animated video can help you secure financing for your development project.



When pitching investors or lenders, real estate developers can often struggle to communicate the value proposition of their project. 

          I) Pre-pitch: Getting a meeting with potential investors

Sometimes the architects designs are not finished, there are no 3d render images of the project, or the renderings seem static and unexciting.

Sending a weak visual presentation means that potential investors do not take a meeting in the first place. Even worse is to send BIM or CAD file that is difficult to open or slides people don’t have time to read. 

The solution: Make a video presentation to introduce the project, inviting potential investors to an in-person or online meeting.

          II) The pitch: Presenting to investors

Here is the chance to communicate effectively with investors, sharing the value proposition of the project, and how the project will look like. 

The solution: Use videos instead of slides that are not very engaging. When the investors don’t have much time, or are impatient, videos are a better tool to give them the right information in a more dynamic and effective way.

Tip for presenting to investors – use the video at the beginning of the meeting – your project becomes immersive, seems real, and is easily explained.

          III) Post-pitch: Easy sharing of the project information and value proposition 

Spreading the good word is an efficient way to bring more and more investors to your project. With good videos to be shared, investors are likely to bring in other investors,

summarizing the main ideas of the project, without passing forward wrong information.

The solution: Easy sharing of the true value proposition with links, controlling the information. 


Using 3D animation videos will exponentially increase the amount of investors who understand and share your project, thus greatly increasing the investments made, and shortening the time to complete financing.  

A 3D animation video is the obvious choice for those with the resources to invest in such a tool. Investing in a video will ensure that more potential investors take meetings, understand and believe in the project, and share with other potential investors.

Services to help you on this journey

Render 3D:

Images that synthesize the project through a rendering created with the most powerful 3D technology.

Virtual reality:

It is the visual interface that takes the user into the virtual environment, where he can interact and feel like he is there.

Humanized Floor Plants:

The humanized plant represents the environments of the projects seen from the top, especially used to show the relationship between the environments and the faithful proportions of the spaces.

3D Movies and Animations:

Films created using the latest generation of computer graphics, the same used in cinema.


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